Thursday, 13 February 2014

Be my Valentine?

The big 'V' Day is right round the corner, and most couples probably already have their big plans ready. Though I'm not really spending the day with anyone in particular this year, I've been wondering what the most romantic way to spend it would be. I guess the idea of romance would vary from person to person. For some people, candlelit dinners, flowers, romantic mood setting music, dancing, chocolates would probably do the trick. (Well, for a girl anyway. For a guy? Sex. And maybe re-watching India winning the World Cup.) Personally, I find those ideas too clichéd. I was asking some of my friends and a number of ideas came up, most of them pretty common.
Take a trip somewhere and make it a long weekend, romantic dinner, spend the day together, romantic dinner, relive old memories like the movie watched on a first date, romantic dinner, romantic dinner... One of my guy friends said he'd like to spend it in the arms of the women he loved. And I said "Awww...that's so sweet" (for a guy). Then he added "Preferable naked" and spoilt it all. 

Anyway, I've listed down a few date ideas I thought would be cool: 

# 1 Surprise Flash Mob 
Ok, this may have been stolen out of Friends with Benefits. Or Grey's Anatomy. And frankly, I've never been a a fan of surprises, but if done correctly, this could be a pretty great surprise. And a flash mob is such a cool idea! 

# 2 Picnic under the stars 
I don't know why I find this idea so appealing. Maybe it has something to do with me being from a crowded city, accustomed to the crazy traffic, constant honking, dizzying lights, never slowing down. It would be nice to get away from it all, spend the night under the stars, somewhere quiet, where the smell of smoke and pollution is replaced by fresh grass and wet mud (Well, maybe wet mud wouldn't make a picnic so enjoyable. But I do love the fragrance of freshly laid dust!) 

# 3 A day of pampering and relaxation 
A nice trip to the spa, away from the constant rat race would make for a nice refreshing change. It's something that Mr. Perfect would enjoy as well. And if there isn't a Mr. Perfect currently in the picture, you can always take your girlfriends along. The Park Hotels currently have some wonderful offers going on.

# 4 Cosmetic Surprise 
Being a beauty blogger, I just couldn't resist this one. I saw this cake in the Celéjor cake shop and fell in love. It's a completely edible cake. If Mr. Perfect gave me this cosmetic cake (maybe along with some real cosmetics too :D ), I would be one happy person! Cake and cosmetics...what more could I want? :D 

# 5 Gift yourself something gorgeous 
So what if you're single?, The Body Shop, Lakmé, Nature's Co. and a ton of other stores are offering various discounts, offers, gifts, etc. this month. Who says that Valentine's Day has to be boring if you're single? Gift yourself something gorgeous this Valentine's!

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