Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lakmé Colours of Love - Valentine's 'Month' Offer

I first read about this offer on Lakmé is offering a 24k gold plated
heart shaped pendant and chain from Estelle on the purchase of the following products provided the total cost of purchases are worth Rs. 1000 or more: 
1. Lakmé Absolute Mousse 
2. Lakmé Absolute Gloss Stylist 
3. Lakmé Forever Silk Eyeliner 
4. Lakmé Absolute Matte Lipstick 
5. Lakmé Plump and Shine Lipgloss 
6. Lakmé Fast and Fabulous Nail Colour 
7. Lakmé Lip Love Lipstick 
8. Lakmé Aquashine Lipcolour 
The offer is valid at all Lakmé beauty counters across India from the 1st of February 2014 to the 28th of February 2014. I took one look at that gorgeous pendant and fell in love.

I tried at Big Bazaar in Phoenix Mills. When I asked the Store Attendant if they had any offers, she looked at me with this extremely confused look. Then she looked to this other lad who started telling me about a few offers going on, but she left out the one I was interested in. She had a placard behind her with the offer for God's sake! I pointed to it and asked if they had that offer. Again, I got a very confused look. finally, her friend told her that the offer was still on, so I asked her which products it was applicable on. Confused look. Let's just say, that every time I spoke, she acted like I was speaking in an alien language. When she finally understood what I was asking, she told me that they weren't restricting the offer to any specific items, all I had to do was purchase any Lakmé cosmetics for Rs.1000. So I asked her to show me the Lakmé Absolute eyeliner range. Hearing the word eyeliner, she promptly reached for the teal eyeconic package stacked in front of her to show me. I'm not an expert at my job. And I understand that no one can be expected to know everything. But seriously? After patiently explaining that was not what I was looking for, she showed me a new liner, and I asked for a tester. Again, there was confusion. Amongst all of that. her friend told me that the pendants were locked up and the lady with the keys had gone for a meeting. She suggested I try at Lifestyle or Pantaloons. Then both friends looked away, uninterested. I stood there for a second, wondering how these ladies had been hired. Frustrated, I left without purchasing anything. 

Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner @ Rs. 400 for 1.2 ml
I tried at Pantaloons next. Seeing bigger and more counters, I was hoping this time I would have a better experience. I stood at the Lakmé counter for 5 entire minutes when the attendant decided she'd kept me waiting long enough and asked what I was looking for. Again I was her if they had any offers going on. She said no. Point blank. Frustrated I asked her about the Lakmé colours of love offer. She looked at me like I was speaking Greek. Then I explained that the offer was about a free pendant for purchases over a 1000 rupees. Then her friend from behind the Maybelline counter reminded her that it was. Grudgingly, she informed me that the offer was applicable on all Lakmé products. Again, I asked her for the Lakmé Absolute range. She told me it was out of stock. I asked her which coloured liners she had. She showed me a few, all of which were black in colour. Frustrated, I asked her to show me the foundations she had. She showed me a new piece, so I asked for a tester. She rummaged a bit and then brought out this tester, but when I checked, it wasn't the same as the product she was showing me! After a lot of deep breaths, I finally settled on these. 

Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse
@ Rs. 700 for 25g
Thanks to her lack of interest, I purchased just enough to get the pendant, though there were so many things I wanted to try. After paying the bill, I asked her about the pendant. She told me to ask for it at the front desk. I asked her why the front desk would know anything about it. She ignored me for a bit, and then said 'Mai pendant ke bare mein completely bhool gayi!' and produced the pendant. I can understand hoping customers won't know or ask about offers to pocket the gifts, but blatantly ignoring customers and feigning ignorance even when the customers are fully aware of the available offers? Unbelievable. 

I stopped at MAC. There were 3 ladies in the store, one attendant was explaining something to a customer, and the third lady was standing on the other side of the customer, busy tapping away on her phone. She looked busier than the President. At first I thought she was the daughter of the customer, but then I saw her carrying her kit with brushes for application. She didn't even bother glancing up at me. When did Shop Attendants become so snobbish? Do you have to be wearing Prada for people to even take notice of you? I was irritated enough that day so I didn't bother asking for anything and left. 

Though my shopping experience was awful, I had a good day, and I'm happy with my purchases. I even got my sister this gorgeous book from Accessorize (@ Rs. 745) to document her travels. It was supposed to be for her birthday coming up next month, but I couldn't resist and showed it to her today itself :D Have you ever encountered snobbish ignorant SAs? Do leave your comments..

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