Monday, 13 January 2014

Faces Kajal Review

 This was my first kajal which a friend had gifted me. I was instantly impressed with the packaging - especially the little mirror, and the fact that the kajal fit nicely into the little jewel box that I carry around in my bag.
What Faces Claims: Beautiful eyes; beautiful everyday.
  • Contains almond oil which is known to promote eyelash growth
  • Lasts for several hours
  • Ginkgo biloba prevents ageing of skin
  • Lead-free FACES kajal is safer for your skin
Price: Rs. 99 for 3grams

Shelf Life: 2 years

Ingredients: Apart from almond oil and ginkgo biloba nothing else is mentioned. (What is with makeup brands not bothering to mention their ingredients?!)

Like I said earlier, the packaging is cute and the little mirror on the side is a nice touch. I don't find the mirror very helpful though, and prefer to go with the slightly bigger one in my jewel box. The kajal itself is conical in shape, which means it's a little more difficult to apply as the pointy end starts getting blunt, and sharpening results in wastage (though for its price, I don't think many people would be so worried about product wastage). I personally prefer eye pencils for this very reason.

The kajal is easy to apply, and glided smoothly on my waterline. I needed 2-3 swipes to get a more intense black finish. Well, as intense as it could get. It's not the blackest kajal that I've come across, but it's not bad either. On my upper lids it lasted for a good 5-6 hours, but on my waterline, the kajal started slowly fading soon as I applied it. It became pretty light within 3-4 hours and after 5-6 hours the entire kajal had clumped up to the corners of my eyes. The good news is that there was hardly any smudging at all (on the waterline as well as the upper lids).


I've come across a number of reviews of this product, and all the reviews state that the kajal lasts for 3-4 hours. It doesn't for me, but then again, I have super watery eyes. I think I should put a disclaimer on my blog itself for all kajal reviews. Removal of the kajal was not hard at all; my eyes did all the work for me. Any good cleanser would be good to get the kajal off the upper lids (water worked for me too, but only after vigorous rubbing - and no one would like to rub their eyes like that).
I can't really comment on the eyelash growth and anti-ageing claims, I didn't notice any difference really (but maybe that's a good thing - it means the anti-ageing is working right?). The claim of being lead-free though - that's something that I really liked about the kajal.

To summarize:
  • Extremely affordable!
  • Contains almond oil (it may or may not actually help you get nice longer lashes, but it can't possibly be bad for you, can it?)
  • Lead-free!
  • Good shelf life
  • Neat packaging; easy and convenient to carry
  • Mirror is neat and of good quality; good to use for quick touch-ups
  • Easy to apply; glides very smoothly
  • Lasted reasonably long on my upper lids
  • Easy to remove
  • Entire list of ingredients not listed
  • 2-3 swipes needed for an intense black finish
  • Fades very quickly from waterline
My Verdict: 7/10
Will I purchase it again? It's a very decent kajal that I've read rave reviews about. And it's lead free! Since it fades so quickly from my anti-kajal eyes, I'm going to be searching for other kajals which might stay longer. But I'll always keep a stock of this one too for casual occasions. I strongly recommend that you purchase this - from the countless reviews that I've read, I have a feeling you won't be disappointed!

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