Monday, 20 January 2014

Chambor Whitening Cleansing Foam Review

Every birthday, my aunt always gifts me the same stuff. Some jewellery, some lipsticks/lip glosses and few bottles of nail paint, a lotion/moisturizer and sometimes some clothes. And every birthday I long to see what she has in store for me (who wouldn't? It's the dream hamper for all of us makeup lovers.). This birthday along with moisturizer I got this cleansing foam.

What Chambor Claims: This Whitening Cleansing Foam is specially formulated with Multiple Water-softening Cleansing Agents and plant extract moisturizing agents to remove skin impurities perfectly and leaves the skin soft and moist. For fair and Radiant skin.
  • White Lily Extract and Aloe Vera Extract gently moisturizes the skin 
  • Cleanses without leaving skin taut or dry

Price: Rs. 415 for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 35 months

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerine, Sodium Lauryl Glycol Carboxylate, PEG-8 Diisostearate, Glycol Distearate, Phenoxyethanol, Calcium Chloride Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance, PEG-10 Dimwthicone, White Lily Extract, Aloe Vera Extract. 

This cleansing foam comes from the Chambor White range. It comes in a tube with a flip-open cap like most face washes. The packaging is sturdy, travel-friendly, and looks attractive with its glossy white surface and lavender characters. Like the package, the cleanser itself is a glossy white and smells absolutely heavenly. The product foams really well and a tiny drop is enough for the entire face. And it feels amazing! The gorgeous scented foam gently glides over the skin and gently removes all impurities to leave your skin feeling soft, radiant and refreshed! As a cleanser too it works pretty well. I tried removing waterproof makeup, and after a little bit of rubbing it all came off. Overall, I found this product pretty impressive!

To Summarize:

  • Attractive, sturdy and travel-friendly packaging
  • Good shelf life
  • Contains white lily and aloe vera which cools and soothes the skin
  • Gorgeous fragrance
  • Tiny quantity is sufficient for entire face
  • Foams very well
  • Works well as a cleanser
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed

  • A little pricey

My Verdict: 8.5/10

Will I purchase it again? My aunt's tastes and mine are not always similar, but she hit the nail right on the head with this one. This is an amazing product, which does everything it promises, and there's nothing more you can want. Very honestly, it's not something I would've purchased myself (I'm always on a budget :(  ) but now that I've used it, there's no looking back. This is perfect and just what your skin needs at the end of an exhausting day, or on a gloomy Monday morning when you just can't seem to get out of bed. I've been using it sparingly, especially on my off days (it always brightens my mood), and will probably repurchase when I'm done with this pack. I would definitely recommend trying this out, it's certainly worth the price!

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    1. Thanks Arpita :)
      It really is. If you try it you'll be hooked (just like me!)

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