Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My First Wedding in a Decade

I mentioned a wedding in my previous post. I decided to put up a few pictures of the gorgeous event, along with my outfit for the day. It was relatively very simple; but since I was going directly from work, I was aiming for a look which was not over the top. I wore my favourite kurti along with casual black legging, simple sandals and a trendy clutch. 

The wedding decor was really quaint and picturesque. At the entrance was the deserts table with the pink and white wedding cake along with tons on cupcakes, bunny marshmallows and candy. 
The entire lawn was lit up with pretty Japanese balloon lights. Unfortunately they were really difficult to photograph :( Each table had a pretty lace covering with 2 wine bottles, candles and a tiny plant. The candles were so precious. I was so shocked when I learnt they were fake! 


There was also a tiny photo booth (though it was more like a tent made up of curtains) where you could go get your picture. I thought it was a really cool idea. They had various signs you could hold up - She's Hot, Ready to party, Team Bride, Team Groom, etc. The night was pretty memorable; we met a lot of old family friends, there was yummy food and great music. The live band especially was really good. Overall it was a really nice night. 

Outfit Details: 
Kurti: Shopper's Stop
Earrings & Bracelet: ViA Lifestyles
Pendant: Estelle
Clutch: Crawford Market
Sandals and Leggings: Bandra

Makeup Details:
Eyes: Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner, Lakmé Eyeconic Mascara, CP Trendies Cleopatra's Secret Palette Bronze and Gold Creamy Eyeshadow Shades 

Lips: Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry & Raspberry, Manhattan Xtreme Last and Shine Lipstick - shade 56V
Cheeks: CP Trendies Cleopatra's Secret Palette Peach Blush
Face: Maybelline BB Stick - Radiance, e.l.f. Compact Shade 1306 Light Beige, CP Trendies Cleopatra's Secret Palette Shimmery Compact

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