Saturday, 8 February 2014

My new Lotus picks

I met a friend of mine to go shopping yesterday. The plan was to buy some Eyeliners from the Lakmé Absolute range; I have been dying to try them forever. But as luck would have it, the stores we went to didn't have the offer I was looking for. Satyam was our last stop, and I asked them what offers they had going on. The lady at the counter told me a whole bunch of offers they were having on their Maybelline products and a Lakmé offer too (but not the one I wanted :(  ), and one of them was on the Lip Polish range they
have. Buy one lip polish, and get a coin bag free. The lip polishes came in such gorgeous colours that I was extremely tempted. Then the lady showed me the adorable heart-shaped coin purses. I'm more of an eye makeup person, I prefer to go heavy on the eyes, and lighter on the lips; but the heart shaped coin purse was so cute! So I gave in and purchased the shade Glam 14. 
Maybelline Lip Polish by coloursensational in Glam 14: Rs. 450 for 5 ml 

I was looking around, basking in my little heaven, surrounded by all the possible beauty and cosmetic products, and the lady at the store saw that. So she started asking me what beauty products I'm currently using, what's my skin care routine. Obviously it didn't stop there. She started pulling out all the possible Lotus Herbals products from the shelves and showing them to me. From their face wash to toner to moisturizer (If I'm buying two, why not the whole range? It is more effective that way.) to cleanser to scrub. Everything came off the shelf, and more would have had I not stopped her. So she was coaxing (and my friend joined her instead of helping me!) and I was slowly adding more and more products to my 'cart'. I finally settled on these: 

Lotus Herbals Apriscrub: Rs. 125 for 100 g 

When I was at the checkout counter, I saw this free sample of Maybelline BB Cream dropped in my bag. Maybe they somehow knew that I was wearing the Maybelline BB stick? They even picked the same shade - Radiance! 

Maybelline ClearGlow Bright Benefit Cream: 1 ml sample sachet 

So far, I've tried the cleanser and the toner and I'm really happy. Will be reviewing them soon!


  1. Cris!! I'm gonna buy the scrub and my cleanser is getting over!!

    1. I haven't tried the scrub yet but I really liked the cleanser. It worked really well to remove my makeup and I loved the fragrance. Plus, it doesn't burn the eyes :D But I found that I had to use a bit more of the product than I usually do. Review coming up soon :)


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